Nowadays, air curtains are becoming popular in many parts of the world. This is mainly because their mechanism helps create an air seal by blowing a precise amount of air into the room, which separates the outside environment from the inside. However, air conditioner curtains are different from air conditioners as they are powered by a fan and can maintain the temperature of the room even when the door is open. A typical design of air curtains comprises a fan that is positioned above the entryway of the building and faces downward.

Where are Air Curtains Installed?

Just like a package-type air conditioner, air curtains are installed in public places. Since these work efficiently even after the doors are open, many commercial buildings use air curtains, allowing potential customers to get a look at their stores and showrooms. Following are the places where air curtains are mostly used:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Grocery Stores
  3. Airports
  4. Hospitals
  5. Manufacturing centres

Benefits of Air Curtains

1. Saves Energy

Air curtains are designed in such a way that they create a barrier between the internal and external air, resulting in decreased energy consumption. Their advanced technology helps maintain a standard temperature, which saves unnecessary costs as the air curtains do not have to work hard for temperature control.

2. Improves Overall Comfort

Uncomfortable temperatures can make people feel uncomfortable. For instance, cold premises in the winter and extremely hot indoors in the summer can impact the business significantly. Air curtains set the perfect temperature inside the building, which improves the comfort level. Therefore, air curtains can indirectly improve the productivity of employees when installed in an office environment.

3. Maintains Homogeneous Temperature

The best thing about air curtains is that they help maintain a homogenous temperature inside a building. However, they are very different from air conditioners; they still maintain a cool temperature inside and keep warm air outside. Additionally, they separate the environment of the indoors and outdoors efficiently.

4. Restricts Insects and Germs

Also called air doors, this equipment is perfect to restrict the entry of insects inside the building. The airflow from the air curtains prevents the insects from breaking into the building. Additionally, many advanced air curtains are equipped with UVC light that limits the entry of airborne viruses that can be harmful.

5. Controls Dirt and Debris

Many commercial areas may have surroundings with a heavy amount of dirt and debris; this is when air curtains come in handy. These are able to create a blockage between the indoor and outdoor spaces, controlling the amount of dirt and debris entering the premises. This helps keep the space clean and free from dust.

Air curtains from Mitsubishi Electric India can make a commercial building more comfortable and effectively save energy. In addition to this, they ensure the best performance by controlling the indoor-outdoor temperature effectively.